Akiros Ismort

Fallen paladin of Erastil, he now wants to atone for his misdeeds.


Akiros spent his whole young life preparing for the life of a paladin of Erastil. Unfortunately, shortly after gaining his spurs, he started an affair with a married noblewoman. When their indiscretion was revealed, she chose to cut her losses and accused him of rape. After cutting his way out of Erastil’s enclave, he fled to the Stolen Lands to forge a new life for himself as the Stag Lord’s lieutenant. When the adventurers slew the Stag Lord, Akiros took no part on either side of the battle, having already decided that he wanted something else. He is now actively studying under Jhod Kavken, hoping to one day wear Erastil’s mantle once more.

Akiros could see himself as the General, but might serve the kingdom better as the Warden.

Akiros Ismort

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