Kesten Garess

Brave warrior and protector of the weak.


Kesten was a minor scion of one of the noble families in Brevoy, but faced little opportunity due to the number of cousins and siblings higher on the social ladder. Instead, he leased his sword as a mercenary in a number of small battles in the region. He didn’t mind that life, but ended it to pursue a former comrade who had stolen the paychest from the mercenary company. The adventurers captured the thief, Falgrim Sneed, who had fallen in with the Stag Lord, who faced harsh justice for his crimes. In the meantime, Kesten has trained a small band of men-at-arms to act as a security force for the northern Stolen Lands.

Kesten would like to be Warden, but would also make a good General.

Kesten Garess

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