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The Fall of the Stag Lord
Wherein the Stag Lord meets his bloody end

21 Gozran 4710, A.R.

The adventurers were finally prepared for their final assault on the Stag Lord’s fortress. After traveling to the castle on the bands of the Tuskwater, they weighed many cunning plans to take the fort. Finally, Aetheoddry took the initiative, drew his weapon, bellowed a fierce battle cry, and charged the front gates. The rest of the party followed his reckless example, Janus screening them with a wall of mist. Despite archers stationed in the castle’s turrets, the party managed to get to the gates unscathed and pried them open. Aetheoddry rushed inside and engaged the guard in one of the turrets. The other bandit was killed by a summoned earth elemental, and the adventurers approached the gate of the fort’s keep, which was somewhat the worse for time’s passage.

They were met at the keep’s gate by the Stag Lord’s remaining bandits, and a fierce battle raged there. The bandits unleashed an owlbear from its cage inside the keep and the Stag Lord himself tried to get into the battle, but was held by magic before he could. His body guard, the fallen paladin Akiros Ismort, betrayed the bandit king, refusing to take part in the battle for either side.

With such fierce combatants on both sides, the battle did not last long, and the castle and its lord fell to the adventurers. Two of the bandits were captured: Akiros and Falgrim Sneed, a foul-tempered thief who was wanted by Kesten Garess back at the trading post.

Sneed was hanged from a tree not far from the trading post, but Akiros had his sword returned and he retired to the temple of Erastil overseen by Jhod Kavken to attempt to atone for his past transgressions. The Stag Lord’s body was thrown into the river to be claimed by the murdered bridgekeeper Davin Nettles.

Meanwhile, the party received a shipment of goods from Restov with news that their original charter had been rescinded. Due to political pressure, the Swordlords could no longer continue to operate in the Stolen Lands. Instead, the adventurers were to form an independent nation that would act as an ally on Brevoy’s southern border and a buffer between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms.


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